Location: Pabianice, Poland (Hala MOSiR Włókniarz, Pabianice 95200, ul. Grota Roweckiego 3)

Meet Directors: Franciszek Szabluk & Hovhannes Yazichyan in conjunction with the GPC Board

Organizer: MKS Pałac Młodzieży Łódź, Heros Team Pabianice, Urząd Miasta Pabianice, Starostwo Powiatowe Pabianice

Dates: 18th – 24th October 2021



Ladies and Gentlemen, please check if the data on the list is correct. Especially attention to the Paralympic category if it is selected. All changes should be reported by e-mail to

Transfer from the airport:

  • Complex Tour
  • ul. Pomorska 98/104
  • 91-402 Łódź
  • mail:

Lifting Schedule:

  • Monday 18th October Equipped Powerlifting – All Lifters, Squat RAW – All Lifters
  • Tuesday 19th October Raw Powerlifting – All Women & Lightweight Men up to -75kgs
  • Wednesday 20th October Raw Powerlifting – Middleweight Men (-82.5kgs to -100kgs)
  • Thursday 21st October Raw Powerlifting – Heavyweight Men (-110kgs – + 140kgs), Squat EQ – All Lifters
  • Friday 22nd October Benchpress EQ – All Lifters, Deadlift EQ – All Lifters
  • Saturday 23rd October Raw Benchpress – All Women & Men up to -110kgs
  • Sunday 24th October Raw Benchress – 125 kgs – +140 kgs, Raw Deadlift – All Lifters

Daily commencement times & schedule will be posted after the closing date.

Weigh-In Schedule:

  • All weigh-ins take place the day before lifting commencing 17th October.
  • There will be no weigh-ins on the day of lifting
  • Daily Weigh in Times 8am – 10am & 3pm – 4pm
  • Each session can be extended if required to accommodate the number of athletes weighing in who are there by the close of the official weigh in time. Lifters requiring special weigh-in arrangements due to travel connection times must contact the organiser in advance to organise same.


  • All GPC Weight Categories & All GPC Age Divisions, Raw and Multiply
  • Paralympic* – Lifters competing in this category must be able to use the standard lifting equipment as the GPC does not have specialised equipment. Lifters who cannot complete the lifts as per GPC rules and who have a disability, must enter the Paralympic category for their Age/Weight division. Lifters with a disability who can complete the lifts as per the GPC rules can opt to lift in the Paralympic category or standard category.

Entry Fees:

  • First Event €65 – Open & Masters / €45 – Juniors & Teens
  • Additional Events €35 per event
  • Late Entry Fees (paid after closing date or at weigh-in) plus €30 per person
  • As per new rules brought in on 01/01/16, all lifters must pay their entry fees to their national federation. The national federation is responsible for submitting the team list and team payment by the closing date to avoid the late penalty fees. All entry fees must be paid in the currency of the organising nation which is Euro for this event.

Closing Date:

  • 18th September 2021. Team List & Entry Fees must reach the Meet Director by this date, otherwise late entry fees will apply. Each nation must set their own closing dates for lifters to submit their entry for inclusion on the team list.

Bank Details:

  • Bank Name Bank Santander
  • IBAN IBAN: PL 98 1090 2705 0000 0001 3585 3183
  • Account Name Międzyszkolny Klub Sportowy
  • “Pałac Młodzieży – Łódź”
  • Al. Wyszyńskiego 86
  • 94-050 Łódź



Ladies and Gentlemen, please check if the data on the list is correct. Especially attention to the Paralympic category if it is selected. All changes should be reported by e-mail to

To Enter:

  • Team Lists to be emailed to Meet Director Hovhannes Yazichyan: and World GPC Secretary – by 18/09/21 Entry fees must be submitted to the Meet Organiser by 18/09/21.

Team List:

  • All lifters must submit their entry forms and entry fees (with the exception of Individual GPC Members from Non-Affiliated Countries) to their National Federation to be included on that Country’s team list. This team list has to be mailed to & & the entry fee paid by the National Federation in Euro to the organiser by 18/09/21.


  • All lifters must be members of the GPC. Each nation sets their own entry requirements. Lifters must enter through their national federation.
    Lifters from countries which are not members of the GPC, can apply for Individual Membership of the GPC (Form available on GPC website).


  • All information will be included on the championships website: & event facebook page:
    Also the GPC website: & GPC Facebook Page:
    The list of competitors can only be posted after the closing date.


  • If you require a visa compete in these championships, please complete the VISA Support Letter Form available under downloads on the GPC website ( and return to the World GPC Secretary. Lifters must be members of the GPC affiliate in their country or if from a country which doesn’t have a GPC affiliate, must join as individual GPC members before requesting a VISA Support Letter. Individual Membership forms are also available under downloads on the GPC Website.


  • These Championships will be conducted using the GPC Rules. The Rulebook is available to download from the GPC Website


  • Hotel Włókniarz
    ul. Kilińskiego 34
    95-200 Pabianice
    +48 42 215 15 01
    +48 42 212 10 58
    +48 500 027 410
  • Hotel Aviator
    95-200 Pabianice, ul. Św. Rocha 8a/10
    +48 42 292 19 81
    +48 721 426 000
    +48 601 222 029
  • Hotel Piemont
    Jana Kilińskiego 25, 95-200 Pabianice
    Telefon: 510 104 910
  • Hotel Willa Sailor
    Warszawska 114, 95-200 Pabianice
  • Fabryka Wełny Hotel & Spa
    Adres: Grobelna 4, 95-200 Pabianice
    Telefon: 42 206 88 88